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I spent a bit over an hour in the yarden, tremors be damned. Pulled two five-gallon buckets worth of weeds and assorted old yard stuff, mostly-filled one of the compost-tumbler barrels, and mostly-filled the goats.

(Well, they might not have been mostly-filled, but they were at least occupied enough that they didn’t bleat at me when I left).

The tremors have sort of shifted from yesterday, when I was shaky on a very large scale all  over, to being more minor in my hands and more noticeable in my legs. I did most of my weeding kneeling, tho, so it wasn’t a problem until the goats started in with their demands and then I needed to pull blackberries and then I needed a big shovel and that meant walking and do you know what you two put me through you aren’t even my goats.