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9 paragraphs. Over 200 words. One man almost shitting himself with rage that a black actor or a WOMAN might get to play a fictional character.


I have to agree with the article. If it’s not written with the original design then how can it hold credibility at being a bond movie? Would we all still flock to cinemas to watch a 3 foot midget Bond?

You’re right of course, there’s absolutely no way in which an actor with a condition that restricts their height could play a charming, resourceful and ruthless character from a beloved series of books in such a way as to command the love and devotion of audiences of millions across the world, in a major production, and be a huge draw based on their performance.

No that could never ever happen. 

Ah yes, that trio of great British writers: William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and…Ian Fleming. 

Also, the Bond books were basically racist, sexist and pulpy spy thrillers, so anything that would make it less any of those things would be an improvement.

And on top of it – this is bastardising the Bond books? Has this person ever read the Bond books?

Let’s take Moonraker for example. I liked Moonraker, the book. And it’s a thriller about the British ICBM programme and a Nazi war criminal seeking revenge against London via sabotage. It has literally nothing in common with the movie Moonraker except the names of a few characters and vague invocation of space, and even that latter bit is true only insofar as an ICBM goes into space before coming back down.

That is it. That is the extent of the commonality.

And that’s okay, while a black man playing Bond isn’t?