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Kids be so damn cute and innocent like how


This story was different actually??? And even better???

The girl, Brooklyn Andracke, used to wave at the truck every thursday and the trashman waved her back. It was a very important to her to do it every week. 

It was HER birthday, and she decided that she wanted to share her birthday cake with the trashman. She also wanted to meet her hero, whose name is Delvar Dopson.

The girl’s mother thanked Delvar for his work and explained to him how important it is for Brooklyn to wave at him every thursday.

He was pretty surprised but he admitted that every time he drove near the house he hoped that the girl would wave at him. 

That’s not the end of the story though. Next week Delvar had a surprise for the little girl.

He brought her a bunch of amazing birthday gifts!

They both got quite popular, and Delvar is getting a lot of thank you messages from trashmen from all over the world for representing them in such a good way.

The real story is even cuter ????????