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one of my friends found radiooooo which is a site that streams music from any country from any decade (well, most countries/decade combos work) and we’ve been digging going on a quest to find what is rad

so far the following is good

  • 50s/60s/70s/80s russia
  • 70s cambodia
  • 20s japan
  • 80s ethiopia
  • 80s india

let’s add 70s armenia and 70s japan to this list

actually im willing to bet 70s *any country will be amazing, it’s all been really good so far

and if you go for 90s india fast music you might get hit in the face with tunak tunak tun right away so get your meme groove on

one of my moms recommended 70s east germany and this proves true, this is weird and amazing in a good way

also set the mood to “weird” for maximum fun, it enhances literally every station