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once every few months, my “drug users should get food stamps too” post makes its rounds and I get a lot of messages that remind me just how much y’all hate addicts.

like I want you to think about how fucked up capitalism has got you when I’m like “everyone should get food” and you’re like “hey now…… that’s taking things a little far…..”

and I really hope you don’t pull from this that I’m mild mannered about it because tbh, if you think this way, I fucking hate you. I’ve been an addict most my damn life and I deserve food! surprise! think about how messed up it is that your fucked up ass seriously believes that if people don’t live up to your standards, they deserve to die of starvation. seriously consider why you think drug usage relieves you of the right to eat.

I’m serious. why? you don’t like drugs? cool, don’t do em. that’s not your choice to make for others and you really, really have your head up your ass if the process of recovering from addiction in your mind is “stop drugs; the end” and I can’t help you out that ignorance but you can try some googling for once in your damn life and then shut the fuck up