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Because why not? ;-) 


I don’t think this counts as dancing.  Or even skipping really.  It’s more of an exagerated waddle

So. Let me tell you about the day I took this video. It was the 1 year anniversary of my open heart surgery. It’s about a year old, and I’d say it’s pretty safe to say I’ve improved since then. In case you don’t agree, let’s take a look at some more at my exaggerated waddling.




Waddle waddle.


*rolls across the floor*


Clearly I am immobilized by my own mass.

Oh wait… that’s not it, is it? It sort of seems like the opposite. Almost as though the ability to dance is based on strength, effort and passion and not on being skinny. Strange concept I know, let’s see if you can wrap your tiny little mind around it. 

not to mention she wasnt waddling at all.. That was clearly a jete, chasse, and assemble.. not waddling. ballet…

Yo. Professional ballerina speaking here.

Clearly she is performing a saute arabesque, chasse, step-step, assemble devant with arms in fifth. 

And as a teacher too, I can’t find much technically wrong with it at all. 

Which means not only is she a gifted dancer, she has a wonderful technical foundation that she is executing properly and with lovely mannerism.

Being a ballerina isn’t about how much you weigh. Give me this girl ANY day for a student or dancer to work with. Clearly she has the knowledge and the passion, which means she will be a joy to work with. 

Also, for those of you criticizing, you clearly have NO idea how difficult it is to execute a develope ecarte derriere the way she is at the barre in one of her later photos. This takes YEARS of dedicated training, as well as extensive natural facility, such as turnout, which she clearly demonstrates here. 

So maybe before you peons thinking you’re masters of ballet judge dancers based on weight, you should actually learn about ballet and technique. Because if you had, you’d recognize that this girl clearly has technique—unlike your basic asses.