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“A million students protesting for free education… Not a single one realized that the government does that already? It’s called work for it you over entitled brats…before everyone gets butt hurt, I’m all for figuring out a way to get more assistance, but free? You’re kidding me.” – Tim French 

me: I want to be educated

some douche: leave your family when you’re still a minor and become an imperialist murderer

me: why

some douche: you gotta

Like we should be talking about how the military-industrial complex coerces easily-influenced, gullible teenagers into enlisting in order to pay for unattainable higher education.

It’s not “I worked for it lol” it’s “I was tricked into selling my soul and bodily autonomy in order to be the first person in my family to go to college”

My father was in the Marine Corps for almost 23 years, and his body and mind are fucked up from his years of service, when I entered high school he said wanted to use his GI bill so that I could go to college and get an education. SURPRISE, they denied him the transfer, and now the money that is rightfully his is just sitting around, meanwhile the VA won’t do anything to help with his medical issues, nor will they give him his GI bill even tho he has appealed for it SEVERAL times.  I’m graduating college this year and he is still trying to get his GI bill.  So fuck this mentality that you need to sell your soul and possibly lose your life to an institution that only cares about you when you’re active duty.  Fuck all the people who claim that they “Support the Troops”, because you don’t.  If you did, you’d be helping the wounded, mentally ill, impoverished, etc.. troops and veterans.  

also everyone can’t join the military???? some people have physical disabilities or health problems that restrict them??????? this is stupid af

“I would like an education without having to sell my soul to student loans for the rest of my life.”

“okay, but are you willing to literally kill people for it?”

And bonus, if you’re involved in something ~illicit~ you sometimes don’t get any benefits at all! My mom has a friend who was involved in ‘action’ we were supposedly Not Involved In back in South America back in the day, and he got a discharge and a “We’re not willing to admit you were on active duty because We Were Never There, so have fun getting medical treatment. By the way, don’t talk about this, okay?”

(He talked about it, obviously. It was the only revenge he HAD).