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I had this terrible dream that I was so hungover I slept through the viewing.

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THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED I was house shopping and it was like 2 in the afternoon and there was an appointment and everything and we walked into this pit of a bedroom and there was a guy sacked out on a mattress on the floor.


Me too! It was the weirdest house viewing I ever had – most of it was conducted at high speed with them (mum? and some kids) just swinging open a door and saying “bedroom” or “bathroom” (it was a student house), then shutting the door quickly. They swung open a door and there’s this guy spreadeagled on the floor, just wearing boxers, and the lead shower just said “bedroom” and shut the door again.

And there’s about 4 of us friends stood there, looking completely confused then hurrying after her as she virtually sprinted to the kitchen.

Where she said “kitchen” and we looked in and saw a washing machine and tumble drier filled with old newspapers. And a small crowd of people around a table. Then she shut the door again.

Then she hustled us out of the house, and they all stared at us while we walked away. All the way down the street.