It lives! At least a bit.

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So I went back to 4th Dimension Computers because the insurance co were unhappy with “it’s dead Jim” as the reason my PC was dead. I’d replaced the power supply when I got here with a brand spanking new one, because the one in it was irritatingly only rated for 240 volts.

Having traded in the new supply, the machine refused to boot. And I’ve given away / recycled all the other supplies I had which were, to be fair, also only rated at 240 volts.

So anyhow, I get there, and they’re very lovely and he pulls the plugs and tests the supply. Dead.

He grabs a spare supply from the shelf and tests it. No boot. Computer’s still dead. He tests his supply – dead.

He gets a third supply and tests it before connecting it… working. Connects it and… yes, the machine works. Which demonstrates that having spares around is handy. Unfortunately, now, having been apart so many times I’ve no idea which drive goes where in the case. So although it powers on and detects drives, it can’t boot. Which means I now need to create a rescue USB stick and try and correlate which drive is which to which port they were on before, then switch them around accordingly.

I can see this being a fun game.

…of course, to do that I need several things. A monitor and a keyboard would be a good start. It would also, probably, benefit from a USB WiFi adaptor, given that it’s not got a wired network to plug in to…


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