Some things are just hard to come by

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So, in the UK, this:

Bayonet lightbulb base

is a lightbulb’s connector for a standard, basic, normal lightbulb.


In the US, this:

Gluehlampe 01 KMJ.jpg
By KMJ – de.wikipedia, original upload 26 Jun 2004 by de:Benutzer:KMJ, CC BY-SA 3.0,

is your bog-standard lightbulb connector.


Now I knew this beforehand, and I knew that I’d probably have to look a bit harder to find the bulbs I want. However, what is frustrating is that the LED B22D bulbs I can find on Alibaba and Goodluckbuy, and so on, list themselves as being 85V or higher. But I’m a bit wary of ordering multiple bulbs without knowing if they’re any good.

But when I look on Amazon or ebay, they’re all listed as 240volt.


I’m sure I’ll find what I want eventually… Not that I can afford to buy them until I’ve been paid anyhow.


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