Oh the hilarity

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I know you’re all bored of my laptop woes, but hey. After months of gradually decreasing battery SOC, and weeks of sitting with a maximum charge of 18-20ish percent (with sudden-death mode at anywhere around 15% – allowing a ‘run between wall sockets’ battery life), my laptop suddenly charged to 98%.

Woot, I thought.

After a few days of trying it off mains power for a few minutes at a time, things seemed stable. So I used it on battery yesterday, and it got down to 26% and… switched off. No warning, no errors recorded, just *off*.

Charged it up over night – back up to 95% this morning…used it on battery. Everything seemed fine, then at 55%: off.

So that’s fun. I now have a semi-working battery where I get the excitement of not knowing if my laptop is suddenly, and unexpectedly, going to switch itself off.


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