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Sadness – I can’t (quickly) find any sources, and whilst not being one to hugely trust reddit, lurking in the comments was:

“I googled it in Chinese and it appears to originate from Chinese sources, not Taiwanese ones, and certainly not reputable ones. I’m going to take a wild guess and say it was made up on Chinese message boards by users who looked down not only on her progressive lifestyle (and I did see comments like that – “she should be starting a family” and whatever) but also on her politics, with her being the first Taiwanese president to support Taiwanese independence, or at least, to not be of the “One-China Policy” KMT party.”

…and gizmodo seem to agree.

It *is* interesting that something that’s made up to make someone look bad in one bit of the world, can make them look empowered in another bit, though. :)