Oregon domestic terrorists now destroying public property in earnest

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The domestic terrorists who seized the Malheur national wildlife refuge near Bend, OR, are operating with incredible impunity, destroying public property, breaking into federal databases and disrupting sites of archaeological and sacred indigenous interest.

Though the terrorists sometimes face criminal sanctions for theft of public property when they venture out of their armed compound, their ideological leader, Ammon Bundy, has been able to come and go freely from the site, even after reports of the destruction surfaced.

The terrorists have paved a new road through the refuge, over territory that is considered archaeologically significant; the reserve itself encompasses many Paiute burial sites that the band holds sacred.

The terrorists claim to be there on the Paiute’s behalf. Paiute band leaders do not want their help, and are outraged at the disruption of their traditional lands by a racist terror-cell.


Just remember that, with a single exception, the authorities are letting them come and go as they please, making no efforts to arrest or stop them, even when they leave the property that they are illegally occupying.

Why aren’t the police doing anything?!?!?!?  when they should go in storming the place and arresting people they aren’t What the every loving five hells?!  This doesn’t make any logical sense…..   They are committing crime after crime and not one thing is being done. That paved road is MORE than enough to arrest them, what are the police doing?  AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!