A bit of fear, a bit of excitement.

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So I have a job. It’s per diem, but it’s in an ER and it sounds like it’s a really interesting client population. So that’s pretty awesome. However, today they contacted me and said “we can’t find your details off your social security number”. There were also some visa queries… which led to a quite stressful couple of hours while I found the answer to the visa questions (everything is fine) and rang the social security folks.

After a [very long] time on hold to the social security agency, I discovered that they’ve munged my first and last names together. Yay.

So tomorrow I get to go the social security office and try and fix that with as much proof of ID as I can throw at the problem, because they can’t fix it over the phone. So that will, I’m sure be fun.

On the plus side… I HAVE A JOB!


Also I’m starting to feel a bit of excitement (and terror) about building a house. I’ve spent much of the day doing sums and looking at fun things like Glulam timber framing companies (none of whom will provide any concept of how much a frame might cost for a straw bale house). I’ve waited in vain for the makers of the insulated concrete slab to come back to me with any details on costs or local companies who’ve used it. And I’ve spent some time looking at the salvage yard stuff and trying to get a bit of a bead on how much the things I can cost up will cost…


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