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@ autistic / light sensitive people

i downloaded this thing the other day called f.lux and it basically just tints your computer screen to match the time of day where you are. i have my screen brightness dimmed most of the time but during the night it still hurts bc it’s a harsh light compared to the pitch black of my room, this thing makes it look more natural. it is nice. also free

download here 

f.lux is amazing

I’ve been using it for a couple of years and sometimes forget how necessary it’s become for me. Whenever I disable it temporarily, my eyes suffer. Cannot recommend it enough.

i know a ton of neurotypicals will just ignore this too but please download this. computers are made to be like the sun and they cause so much damage to your eyes at night over time. download this!! you’re preventing yourself from having to deal with some future hospital bills, its so necessary.

I LOVE f.lux.

You can turn it off for color-sensitive work, but it’s a huge help if you get eyestrain headaches and still have to work at the screen.