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I keep on seeing this image being posted and liked on various forms of social media, particularly Facebook.  Many are cooing over Hitler’s alleged humanity in this photo, when in reality his supposed affection and “love” for this child is absolutely contrived; this is his love and perverted obsession with the superiority of the Aryan race and its’ continuation and expansion through the Lebensborn program.

According to, this image is from Hitler’s Lebensborn program, a program created to mass produce “Aryan” babies (like products) by offering young German girls up and assigning SS men (Hitler’s police and officials) to essentially rape them in order to give birth to many “Hitler babies” in order to further his political ideology of creating German living space and increasing the population of “superior” Aryan beings. This program began in 1935, the same year that the Nuremberg laws outlawed interfaith marriage between Jews and Christians.

While Hitler was mass-producing these lily-white babies, an estimated 1.5-2.5 million Jewish babies and children, in addition to a significant unknown number of Roma and disabled babies and children were mass murdered through human experimentation (twins killed by Josef Mengele), were sent to killing centers (mass shooting and gassing), newborns were shot immediately after birth, toddlers and children were killed by having their heads smashed open on concrete walls often for just crying and many other violent practices were used to exterminate innocent beings. Hitler mercilessly viewed children as useless for they could not perform most heavy labor, thus the children were most often ripped away from their parents and violently killed first before all others.

About 50,000 people on Facebook, including some of my Facebook friends who are biracial are posting this and liking this photo… I don’t know if a lack of education, blatant anti-semitism or desensitization is to blame. 

 If this child were to have not been 100% Aryan with blonde hair and blue-eyes, or would she have been a Jew, she would have faced death at his hands like the millions who died horrific, violent deaths.

These beautiful lives and legacies lost are still felt in the Jewish community to this day, especially because this all happened not too long ago. So much of our people’s cultural traditions have died with entire families systematically murdered. Yiddish is now a dying language, rarely ever spoken. So many Jews like myself, who’s ancestors had to assimilate in order to survive or flee genocide and persecution, leaving all of their cultural markings and legacy behind them will NEVER KNOW who we really are or have the luxury of “ethnic foods” and “family traditions” that some of you may have. Some Jews may never even learn that they are Jews.
Moral of the story is: You CANNOT humanize Hitler. He was not a genius, he was not loving. He was a disrespectful failed student in High school who became a talent-less failed artist. He was a deluded heartless man filled with unimaginable evil and hatred.