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Yacon Blanco and Yacon Morado. Smallanthus sonchifolius. I love Yacon lifting day, and I love Yacon lifting night even more. That’s when we peel and cut the first tubers of the year, sprinkle a little lemon juice, and maybe add some apple and orange pieces. It is so refreshing and juicy. It will be even better after the tubers sit in the sun for a while and let their sugars transform. It’s a cousin to Jerusalem Artichokes and Sunflowers, and was developed before the Incas in the Andes. Yacon is a combination of two Quechua words meaning “watery” and “water” – terrific thirst quencher for long treks through the mountains. See my Tumblr video post from this time last year for more on the history, healing, and horticulture of this – one of my favorite plants to grow and eat. Hints in the hashtags. #smallanthussonchifolius #yacon #yaconmorado #yaconblanco #inulin #fructooligosaccharides #diabetes #lostcropsoftheincas #crowns #tubers #divingcrowns #cloning #trueseeds #roughwoodseedcollection #kutztownseedfarm

1) Why did I not know about this tumblr until now?

2) Oh lord, now I’ve got more to read.