Help (me find a doctor in the US)

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So, in about 6 weeks, assuming I get a visa on Tuesday, we’re moving to the USA… Washington State, semi-specifically. Which is big and scary all by itself, then there’s the whole ‘needing a doctor’ thing.

We’ve looked for GLBTQ friendly doctors (most importantly for me, the T bit of that) , and there are some in Seattle, and some in Olympia, but we’re looking at Port Townsend, and both of those are a bit inconvenient. They’re not totally un-do-able… My general health at the moment is good enough that I’m not deeply angsty about the doctor being a trip away, but if anyone knows of any good T-friendly docs in the Olympic Peninsula region, it’d be really handy.

Essentially, I need someone to give me HRT, and keep a loose eye on my liver function (been fine for a few years now :) ).

Help me tumblr, you’re my only hope :)