Big day approaches

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As we get closer and closer to the visa day I get more and more stressed. Like, wandering in circles trying to shake it out a bit, trying yoga, listening to relaxation stuff stressed. It’s quite weird for me, because for a long time I’d managed with my childhood GP’s fantastic advice:

“Be less stressed”.

Which actually worked for me. And many things I can shake off, but it turns out selling the house, moving to a new country, registering as a nurse and doing the related exams, attempting to found a business with my best beloved, and potentially starting a third renovation project… combined… that I’m not managing to just shake off. No matter how well things seem to be going.

Of course, it all hangs on the visa interview, which approaches. I’ve got all the paperwork lined up in a bag, all ready for the interview.

We also had someone around today to quote us for shipping. Distressingly, we’ve 55% of a twenty foot container, or 27% of a forty foot container. Which being as we’re being grumpy get off my land types, we don’t wish to share. Which seems terribly wasteful. Then you think “oh well, we’re taking the car, lets tuck that in there”… at which point you see us rapidly flinging furniture out.

Also, apparently, you can’t (or shouldn’t) take foodstuffs or liquids of any sort in your shipping container, as that is considered an almost invariable trigger for taking your container to a warehouse and having it searched personally. Which is up to a bonus $2000 fee… So I won’t be taking the oil for the Minor, the Grease, etc, etc..

So suddenly, we’re looking at not taking a bunch of stuff that we were going to take, but it’s looking very do-able, we’ve been offered somewhere to rent for 6 months, it’s all so far coming together; so much so that I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.


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