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So, we popped to see my mum this weekend. Not many of those trips left, which makes me sad. I’m really going to miss my mum, but she has now got a tablet with skype and a front facing camera. So ra.

Her exhibition is over, she sold one painting. Sadly Lisekard is, as she thought, too impoverished for people to buy paintings; lots of lovely comments though… so we photographed all the paintings and I’ll pop up a Esty shop for her in the next few days. She really, really, wants to raise more money for the Nepal appeal, so whilst we’re still in the country we’ll give her a hand with that.

And, in case you missed this due to the ephemeral nature of twitter, I now have a visa appointment. Just under a month from now I’ll get the final answer on whether the US is happy to have me living there. Which’d be handy, because otherwise things are going to get a little bit interesting. Well, either way they’re going to get interesting. As it stands that does shuffle our schedule a little, moving it to the far end of October, rather than the middle, but in all honesty selling the house may take that long. And we’re not really in a position to move until the house is sold.

In consideration of the need to sell the house, we came home early from my mum’s and managed to put in over an hour’s work tidying the garden. There is, therefore, creeping progress on that front. I’ve started to lift the section of path I laid under the apple tree which just doesn’t really work. The path that was planned to be a sort of secondary path is also going to be lifted, made a bit wider, then relaid as gravel (rather than bark chip) – to make it into a more ‘main’ path. I also laid the bricks that now mark the edge of the gravel path at it’s join to the crazy paving we found under the grass…

…so it’s all go. Well, it’s some go.

We were hoping to get the house on the market at the beginning of this week; that’s blatantly beyond us. I’m hoping that I can shuffle it to Friday or Saturday for the valuation. But we’ve got some fairly serious tidying to do in the meantime, and obviously, the house is currently lacking any doors. The deck’s not finished, and the garden’s still somewhat of a mess. We’ll just have to see what we can do.


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