The experience is quite odd

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There’s this alternation between excitement, terror and boredom. Things like handing in my notice, that’s terrifying. In many respects I love my job, my department’s a great place to work with a fantastic team. For its sins, if I was sick, I’d go to my own ED rather than any of the others around me, because I think they’re bloody good.

So I’m going to miss ’em.

So that was scary.

And packing up my vinyl, which I started to do today (because I’m selling both my record decks), that’s kinda exciting. Seeing the space open up on the shelf, and having my singles slipping into a shipping box… that’s kinda, well, it feels like we’re moving.

And selling stuff? That’s also kinda exciting. It’s sad to see some items go, but it’s also exciting because it, too, feels like moving.

But the waiting? That I’m not so good at. Waiting for the visa interview, waiting for my CGFNS nursing documents to be processed? That’s all painful. I know it’s been less than a week, and I’ve got to wait up to 6 for the visa interview, but I want to get it done… so I can *know* for sure; rather than this slightly scary, optimistic, it’ll happen so let’s start doing things like it is happening approach.


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