I bought the tiles!

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AND I found them for cheaper than the price Home Depot had listed (back when Home Depot still believed they existed)!


I got the ‘retailer’ list from the manufacturer’s website and set about to just calling them all, since brick-and-mortar stores rarely put prices online. One was a dud, but the second called the manufacturer and got an excellent price per square foot.

He also told me what the List price is (something that seems to be top secret, most of the time), so now I know that the supposedly-discount place in Bellevue was selling this ‘discounted’ tile at twice the list price. Ha. Ha.

It’s still more than I budgeted for initially, but that’s my own fault for having taste. It’s $200 cheaper than what I thought I was going to be in for last night, and it’ll arrive in the first part of the week I took off to work on the house.

Flush with my victory, I have used the energy to run five loads of laundry. ADULTING.

I take back my admission of blame. I’ve decided it’s my parents’ fault that I have taste.

That’s what parents are for, right?

Woot! 1337 adulting skillz there, for sure.

And aye, quite definitely your parents’ fault.