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So, good news first: The Transcripts are away. Cardiff and UWE have sent my transcripts to the states to be analysed by a process of analysis which should allow them to say yay (or indeed nay) to me taking the NCLEX. I’ve continued to practice NCLEX type questions and am improving too. The important statement about it not actually relating to real nursing practice but to an imaginary perfectly staffed world full of people performing impeccably and patients who tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth – that helps with assessing the questions. So yay.

In good-but-not-good-news. It turns out my Lumix G1 camera body is fine. The G1’s lens, however, is kaput. I took it down to LCE today and they let me try a new lens on my G1’s body – fine. My lens on a G5 body – initially slightly erratic then after a couple of not-quite-focussed-right-but-thinks-it-is autofocus manoeuvres it reports the lens is not attached and we are left with ‘oh look it’s not working’. This is sort of upsetting. Mainly because I had largely concluded that the bizzare behaviour was most likely down to the camera, not the lens. I’d therefore happily persuaded myself that the 80 quid G2 body on ebay would shortly be mine. Now, technically, what I should do is just fork out for a new lens and keep the G1 body…

A new lens – probably around 70 quid (they’ve recently sold on ebay for between 50 and 130…!). Which should make me more-or-less happy. But…

Trading in the old body and buying a G2 with a new kit lens is about 90 quid. G2 gives me a year’s guarantee on it all and 720p video which my G1 does not have.

This, given that we’re planning a trip to Norway/Sweden and have ‘plans’ – for which another camera that can record video would be good? Well… Well it’s quite tempting. Let’s put it that way.


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