Caution – post nights rambling ahead.

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Yes, yes, as usual caveat reader – I’ve been awake (bar a 2 hour lie down during which I vaguely slept) for around 35 hours. Aren’t nights fun. Oh, no, they suck.

Anyhow, there was a bit of angst yesterday – well, the night before. The licensure office in WA sent an e-mail saying (very politely) “Your application is missing bits, so uh, we can’t process it”. Having had to do the rather specific sacrificial dance to obtain the cheque that I’d had to send I was not overly delighted at the prospect of having to obtain a new one (and the additional cost wouldn’t hugely help). But having had a quick e-maily chat with them – they’re holding the application ready for the CGFNS assessment of my transcripts. Neither of the letters appear to have actually arrived there yet (the earliest left the UK around the 26th May – so it’s not entirely surprising).

Also, the camera situation left me a little dissatisfied. After a bit of pondering I’ve sucked it up and bought a Lumix G2 with a new 14-42mm lens. I’d’ve liked a better, more interesting lens. But that’s what I’ve got available.

The reason for the camera upgrade is that I wish to do some video recording. Kathryn and I have store-related-plans which call for being able to make some videos. The Lumix G2 adds in 720p capture with image stabilisation. It’s hardly cutting edge tech, but it is good enough for podcasting outside. Some stuff will obviously be captured with the vastly superior 4k capabilities of the OnePlus, which is also much more easily grabbable. But the Lumix offers niceties like control over depth of field, optical zoom, the option to use other lenses…

…which might make for some interesting stuff.

We’re going to be holidaying in Norway this year, possibly also in Sweden and Denmark, and travelling through Germany and the Netherlands. So we’ll have a chance to play with it…


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