So, in terrifying activities

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In a moment (when I finish my tea) I’m going to go to the bank and attempt to obtain an $88 money order. It’ll go in this envelope [points] which contains an application to be a registered nurse in WA. It goes with the $350 I sent over [there] to a company to assess my nursing qualification for its US compatibility.

Then over here I’ve got an e-mail to my university saying ‘Yes, I know I’ve had two sodding transcripts, and each time they get more pricey, but could I get a third, please, to the US this time? And what will that cost me?’. And here, a letter to one of my other universities saying ‘please can I have a transcript sent to this place’.

Irritatingly, or not irritatingly, having gone through all the trouble of requesting a replacement A Level certificate, when I’ve got into the application process proper it says ‘Requirement Waived’. So I didn’t have to wait a month, this could all have been in progress already. Grr.

In less terrifying activities, I planted three tomato plants, weeded the garden some, and put down more mulch and more bark chip. I need, unsurprisingly, more bark chip and more mulch. Oh, and some more plants. There’s some areas that are looking pretty sparse. Although I’m thinking of yanking out the failed attempt at an alpine plant area, transplanting them, and putting the pond in there. Oh and I attached the faux-trim which is making up the edge of the kitchen doorframe where they (in 1936) cut the edge off the lambs tongue trim to make the built-in cupboard (that we removed) fit. Then I filled the heck out of the edge where it joins the trim. Oh, and I changed the filter in the Dyson (despite the previous owner GLUEING it in (seriously, WTF?!)).

It's coming along...

…oh and I’m published at Transport Evolved, again :)


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