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So, there is no ‘before’ photo, because the state of the garage/workshop was too awful to post a before photo. However, today was a day of cleaning and tidying, also some painting of the stairs, but mainly cleaning and tidying. So I painted the stairs, that’s a given. Because that’s what I do nearly every day.

Then, having filled the poor Prius with all the crap from the garden, and some of the crap from the garage (quite a lot of crap in total) I made my way down to the tip. As usual the place was busy and to make it more entertaining, the only space was a fair distance from the two wood recycling bins. The majority of what I’d taken was the floorboards that were removed when we had the floor in the kitchen redone. Many of them had been used up as firewood by my mum, or to turn into the filler strips for the floors in the house, or for various other projects. So floorboards, with nails in, and bits of fence and deck with… nails in.

The bits left were the scabbiest, shortest bits, but there were still a lot of ’em. So I got down there, had to stop several bins away, and then half-way through me emptying the car they whipped out the bin I was using meaning I had to walk to the furthest wood recycling bin. Carrying awkwardly pointy rusty naily bits of wood. Most upsetting. :)

Anyhow, rubbish disposed of, wood recycled, dead fluorescent tube sent to fluorescent tube heaven and I headed back home; the morning vaporised remarkably quickly it seemed.

Then after a very brief lunch I headed out to grab a shelf, I’d got brackets whilst I was shopping, but hadn’t had time to grab actual shelf material. Unfortunately, they put roadworks in the way of our local DIY place meaning that my 10 minute drive became a 30 minute drive. Feh. On the plus side the alternate route back (which is about 15 minutes) was nice and clear, so I got back pretty swiftly.

All this to say that I finally started work on the garage at around 2:30. After a while I had some new shelves…


Please note in that photo the awesome glare from the finally working third lamp in the garage. I’d replaced the starter in it ages ago and thus proven that there was, in fact, nothing wrong with the starter. Today I finally replaced the tube.

I finally packed up and called it a day when Kathryn came home, and it was looking quite a lot better. I can even actually get to the table saw which I slightly abused to chop up some old pallet bits to make kindling.


I also had a go at cleaning the Prius, which has been full of dog hair since buying it. Well, actually, the boot has been full of dog hair. I’d been putting off cleaning it, and rightly so, since it turned out that our workshop vacuum’s best efforts removed about three hairs.

So I’ve booked in someone to come and clean it. I’m hoping they’ll also get the stains out of the car mats, too. Which’ll be nice. Because we’ve got some visitors coming, and we’re collecting them from the airport in the car, and it’d be nice if it looked slightly less dirty inside.



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