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There’s so much pain in this photo.
Poc in solitary marching for eachother

this picture deserves more context than it’s been getting. on the far left is linda sarsour. she is a palestinian-american racial justice and civil rights activist and media commentator. in the middle is carmen perez, co-founder of Justice League NYC and criminal justice reform activist. on the far right is tamika mallory, a civil and human rights activist and freedom fighter.

this is the march2justice. it was a 250 mile-long walk from staten island to washington, dc. they were delivering what they call the justice package, a list of proposals for congress that would seek to end racial profiling, the militarization of police, and to support programs to prevent the incarceration of young people. about 100 people marched with them. i got to listen to linda sarsour speak very briefly at an Islamic Relief fundraiser while this was going on. these women are astonishing.

when they reached baltimore, they decided to put the march on hold. all three of them are now there, marching and reporting. the march2justice explicitly states its support of all black people, cis and trans, incarcerated and not. more information on the march2justice can be found here.