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Building continues apace, or if not apace, then reasonably rapidly. Today I stopped off at B&Q and grabbed some concrete and gravel; then quickly made a base for the Greenshed (or perhaps Greendrobe).

On the way back I also grabbed some more pallets. Unfortunately my favoured supplier of pallets has just had theirs collected to turn into whatever scrap pallets are turned into. Another one of the places from which I occasionally obtain pallets did, however, manage to get me a pallet fix. Having got them home I stripped them down for parts and then set to.

The other side was fairly quickly knocked up (having worked out how to construct the other side this one being a simple mirror image went much quicker). Then I started on the back. I quickly modified the bit I’d already made to fit with the altered design for the back required to fit with the sides I’d made.

Thankfully (and that might seem like an odd word), I ran out of pre-cut timber about half way up the back. I say thankfully because I then faffed about for a bit selecting bits of the nice, very long, timber that I’d picked up today to cut down… Before Kathryn rang to say she was on her way home and I decided not to cut stuff. Then I started moving the bits I’d built and realised I’d nearly created something I couldn’t move.

Anyhow, eventually I managed to lug them all up the garden and stacked them ready for the next assault. I need to cut some more bits, or grab another conveniently sized pallet to get the last few bits of wood. I also need to trim the corner that rests on that sticky-out bit of the neighbour’s foundations. Once that’s done it’s a ‘simple’ matter of screwing all the panels to each other… And fitting the two front windows. And making the roof-glass.

And then it’s done.


…course then I’ve got another one to make.


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