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teenage feminist: Look tumblr!  I literally went to the drug store and look at what I just found: here are two razors made by a grand total of one company: from the men’s section and the women’s section!

tumblr: gasp!


tumblr: Gasp!  How triggering!

teenage feminist: There you have it.  The fact that one company makes razors cheaper for men and not women is… undeniable evidence that this thing I just made up called Gendertax is ABSOLUTELY REAL!!!!!!!!!

tumblr: Applause!  Checkmate MRAs and womenagainstfeminism!  This is why we need all the feminisms!

teenage feminist: Literally activism. 

First, it wasn’t “slightly cheaper”, it was a lot cheaper, for essentially the same product in a pretty colour. You got more refills with the man’s razor too.

But why are they more expensive?

  1. Marketing. Good razors for women are viewed as being something of a luxury item, despite ….
  2. Profiteering. There is more pressure on women to depilate, and they’re pressured to do it more extensively. (the legs and arms standard is nothing like the face and neck standard.) This is a really good way to make money, if you’re a shit.

This all sucks.

In conclusion: always buy men’s razors, they’re way cheaper and effectively identical. Or, you know, fuck the system and don’t bother.

Or, if you wanna shave go back further and get a single blade safety razor. Super cheap, gender neutral, and work just fine… :-)