Meeeedia Server, why do you hurt me so?

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I’ve been sat here on and off through the day tweaking the server. I’m not sure why it’s randomly, occasionally rebooting. Seems to happen only under heavy loads, but weirdly more under heavy graphical loads than anything else, and it’s not like it’s a really umphy graphics card.

One day I'll have a fully installed media server... It may not be today.

Nothing in the logs, because it literally seems to be a DROP EVERYTHING NOW reboot. No errors recorded, just ‘la la la REBOOT la la la”. I’m trying to be a bit more gentle with it, I was asking it to simultanously scan the audio directory into Logitech Media Server and the film directory into Plex. This may have been a trifle harsh.

I’m slightly wondering if the powersupply is flaking out, it’s meant to be 700 watts, according to its packaging, but it wasn’t exactly a pricey supply.

Anyhow, it’s chugging along. I’d like to get it scanning the TV Series rips, but Plex’s having a complete hissy fit about that, refusing to even acknowledge that there are files on the drive. I’m hoping it’s a bug that’ll be gone when I upgrade it. Which I’d do…except it’s in the middle of scanning the audio directory. Which may take the rest of my life. Despite the 4 cores and 6 Gig of memory. Irritatingly, unlike LMS which does a quick scan of the number of files, then gives you a percentage, Plex (at least this version) seems to just give you the current file it’s scanning. Which is fine for ‘normal’ people who don’t ridiculous music libraries that have terrabyte drives all to themselves. Every so often it pauses and I think it’s done.

But then…


All I can do is hope that I work out why it’s rebooting randomly occasionally. Because that’s not the kind of behaviour I want to encourage.


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