Just in case any one else is completely flummoxed

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So there I was having got to a “Until Ubuntu fix the massive honking great bug, I don’t really need to footle with the media server” place. And I sat down with a book and said to the Squeezebox in the lounge, play this album.

It went “Of course….No”.

Not that it did it in a useful way, oh no.

Not in a providing me with debugging output that I could use way, no.

It said “Can’t find file for:”. Which initially I thought might be a permissions problem. Then after some research I thought it might be a transcoding problem. Then I tweaked the debug logging settings and all it said was that it found the file I asked it to play. No error actually recorded. Then I upgraded having discovered there’s now versions released that are not Logitech’s own. That didn’t help either. Then eventually I was writing a long ‘help me please’ post on the slimbox forums when I thought “what the hell, I’ll try the ‘nightly’ build of the server software”.

And lo, it worketh.

Logitech Media Server 7.7.x Doesn’t work properly on Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) with early Squeezeboxes.
Logitech Media Server 7.8.0 Also doesn’t work properly on Ubuntu 14.04 with early Squeezeboxes.

The nightly build of Logitech Media Server (as of today 7.9.0~1423739099) seems to bring back FLAC (and I’d guess other transcoded formats) on early Squeezeboxes on Trusty Tahr. At least it has on my install. At this moment. I’m crossing my fingers for the future.

Whilst the new media server is all shades of awesome, and having access to all my music as I travel places is pretty damn cool, this upgrade has not been an epitome of smoothness.


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