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Ohdear, how’d it go?

I don’t think the magic little pills did jack shit.

At 3 in the morning I took more regular nyquil and actually slept, though! Like, for more than two hours straight! o/ I might have turned the corner!

Sleeping is amazing. A while back I had this awful cough. It wasn’t like the cough itself was awful, but the continuous, sleep depriving, persistence of the bastard thing was an absolute killer. I ended up nearly in tears at the GP having tried codeine and night-nurse (which essentially contains pre-med and normally knocks me out completely), and every single over the counter medication.

I got a script for Temazepam, which knocked me out until, I think, 12 midday. I slept for a good 14 hours. And woke up still feeling sleepy. The next night I took a half dose which left me groggy at around 10am… The third night I took 1/4 of a tablet and got a nice sleep. I still felt dozy, but after 3 nights of sleep I was finally able to cope with the world again without wanting to cry. And actually started to get well again.

…so I therefore wish you a peaceful night’s rest.

That’s really the thing. The chest cold isn’t horrific, in and of itself (though I have been coughing hard enough to pull muscles) it’s that it’s kept me from sleeping. For days. I’ve been pretty close to tears, just because I’ve had five straight days of no improvement whatsoever — probably because I couldn’t sleep. And staring at the clock in the wee hours, knowing that you’re missing out on the one thing that’ll really help, makes it much worse.

So the thought that maybe, just maybe, the cough has quieted down enough that the over-the-counter meds will work… it’s making me almost giddy.

Any long period without sleep is just torture. It actually is a form of torture. And it’s amazing how quickly people go to pieces without it… There’ve been lots of studies of the impact on healing of lack of sleep, and it’s really negative, which is why it’s so crappy that most hospitals are terrible, terrible places to try and sleep.