Nervous Energy

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So, we sat down yesterday and toyed with citizenship and immigration forms. It didn’t exactly go smoothly, and ended up with us just largely throwing our hands up and going ‘uh, we can’t until X, Y and Z have happened’. Which was frustrating.

A requires B which requires C which requires D to have happened.

D, in this case, being our Marriage, which happens later this month. Not that we’re not married now. No, we are have been married for quite a while now. Or we will have are married. Or something. Because we retrospectively get married when we sign a piece of paper. So although we’re not married now, when we sign that piece of paper, and you’re reading this in a month, we are married. And were all along.


Anyhow, when that happens it gets a lot easier for Kathryn to change her last name.

Which means she needs to let the US Social Security people know.

Which it seems wise to do before we go asking if I can come live in the USA please, thanks.

Of course, this leaves me feeling quite…fluttery. As long as there’s something to /do/ I can kind of ignore the nervous fidgety feeling of moving country. Whilst I could go for ‘I’m going to do some NCLEX prep’ at the moment I’m going for ‘doing the house’.



Sanded, masked and as of now a first coat of paint.

I’m (not) particularly looking forward to doing the spindles, which are meant to be white. There’s going to be a lot of masking stuff off before that happens. And the trim on the side of the stairs needs to be sealed/sanded/painted. So that’ll be fun to do.

Oddly though, normally this’d leave me feeling fairly positive. I mean, this morning I’d done none of the stairs for months and I’ve ended the day with the feature colour on the handrail painted (granted only the first coat) and ready to set to on doing the rest, but it’s kind of anticlimactic. The problem is I have this screaming urge to move. To do it now. To just sell up and go.

We are still looking at Port Townsend where there currently appear to be approximately no nursing jobs (currently the hospital is advertising for one per-diem (which I think is the equivalent of a ‘Zero Hours Contract’ in the UK) RN and a Surgical RN). I’ve signed up for job alerts from that hospital… but obviously, I’m not actually a Registered Nurse in the US yet; nor are we in any position to move.

Which is all terribly frustrating.


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