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Politicians pretend to value life while voting to take away funds for food from struggling families and children. 

I’ve known people where their families didn’t have a lot of money, or even a little. Their school lunches where their only meals in the day. Think about that. They voted to take away their only meal.

I have gone to a grocery store with my roommate and bought tons of pasta, peanut butter, bread, and ‘box meals’ the night before major school breaks, divided them into bags and boxes and then ‘casually’ asked kids throughout the day if they would mind taking them off my hands because I was going home for break and wanted to clean out my pantry.

Because I know that my babies LITERALLY depend on school for steady meals. One of the richest countries in the goddamn world and I’m sending peanut butter home with my students so they won’t go to bed hungry over Christmas break.

Fuck you, GOP.