How green does your garden grow?

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So, another couple of afternoons of work in the garden. Well, part of an afternoon, I’ve made a little more progress. I spent most of Wednesday afternoon burning stuff. We had vast piles of cut-back brambles and cut-back and pulled lyme tree chunks which we could have put in the car and taken to the tip, but it’d’ve taken several trips and got the car full of both bugs and dirt.

Instead it all went through the incinerator in an afternoon filled with incineration. The garden looked much better because of it, and it meant that I could get back to the strip of rocks/gravel that is meant to live between the garage and the grass and pull out all the ‘nice’ bits of stone (quarried from Bristol in the 18th Ct, and taken out of an old wall that was being pulled down). I’d hoped I’d have enough ‘nice’ stone to dress the whole top edge of it:


Sadly I’ve now run out. That said I’m not 100% convinced I like the final look. I’m wondering if gravel would be better. Also I’m a bit short on hardcore to go underneath it, ‘cos I’ll probably want to retrieve some of the bricks I’ve got at the end that I’ve not done yet to use as path edging. On the plus side I did get to meet 3 cute little froggies who are living in there. Which does kinda incline me to keep the rock effect, I like them having somewhere to live.

Yesterday I did a bit more work on the path – creeping us forward another 4 or so feet. I also spent some time hoe-ing a bed and then threw cardboard and mulch material over it; which has proven to be an adequate, if not ideal technique for keeping weeds at bay.


And here’s a moment of what we’re going for:


Given the weather I think I should probably get on with more serious stuff, like the fact that a chunk of render’s fallen off our outbuilding, that the paint’s flaking off the wall underneath where we had the boiler removed (so there’s no render on that bit) and there’s a bit of wood trim that’s gone rotten.

Something for me to look forward to, anyhow.


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