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So, I know a couple of people have commented they’re not very keen on the Tumblr cross posting to LJ – not least because somewhere in the translation some posts end up being awfully long, lacking a cut, and with repeats of the same image set over and over. It’s something I’d noticed as I’d started posting more on Tumblr, and had been half heartedly poking at.

The cross poster does say ‘Beta’ on it… frustratingly, the LJ cross poster will add posts to a specific category or add specific tags. Tumblr will ignore posts with a specific tag. If it was going from LJ -> Tumblr, it’d be fine. But the other way not so much.

So I’ve tweaked the settings in the hope that Tumblr will crosspost to my blog, which is the main thing I wanted. LJ should still duplicate the main posts off my blog, so long as I remember to hit crosspost. And Tumblr should still get everything. If you want the rest of the posts either check out my own blog’s site (although the cross posting from Tumblr is still somewhat untidy on there) or Tumblr. Some posts will probably just end up on Tumblr and my blog because I barely ever remember to tick the categories, let alone add tags, so remembering to tick Xpost will take a while.

Hopefully that should fix things.


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