Lost Douglas Adams draft found…

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Lost Douglas Adams draft found…




Not quite sure how I feel about this.

It’ll probably be interesting to see how the text evolved from draft to final, but when I saw the headline I was kind of hoping it was some unpublished new work.

The least they can do is donate the profits to wildlife conservation or one of his other causes, but I doubt that’ll happen.

Yeah, it’d be nice if that happened. I mean, it was the man’s wish that his drafts and discarded stuff never be seen, and yet here we are, digging up yet more of it. The least the publisher could do is honour his memory if they’re not going to honour his wishes.

Selfishly, of course, I can’t wait to see it.

I think that, unless someone buys it for me randomly, I’ll probably not read it. I kinda feel like Hitchhiker is pretty much perfect. I remember the BBC radio version playing on my dad’s 120 minute cassettes; the original radio broadcasts that hooked me.

I’ve still got my sister’s shredded copy of The Restaurant At The End of The Universe despite the fact that it consists mostly of separate pages and sellotape.

And I think I just feel too grateful for books that helped me through my childhood and teens to disregard the author’s wish that I don’t read his unedited stuff.

‘s complex tho’, because it would be fascinating to see the development of it.