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It’s been a big couple of weeks for us in some ways. So let’s start with the small change. I’ve finally got back to doing some work on the house. I ‘liquid sanded’ upstairs bannister rail. It took a not insignificant amount of time out of my day. In addition I’ve filled the nicks and cracks in the paint on the kitchen doorframe. I’ve still got to sand it and run a bead of caulking around the door shut, but it’s looking better. It’s actual progress, so I’m not going to complain.

I also tackled a short section of the picture rail upstairs and a bit of door frame. Unfortunately, I was somewhat short on the old masking tape front, so I didn’t get as far as I’d’ve liked with that. Also, like a lot of things in this world it’s sort of… well, how long is a bit of string. Anyhow, I’ve started. I popped a coat of paint on part of the bannister too, so I get to see what it looks like when it’s done.

Well, at least, possibly. I still need to paint all the off-white bits, which means buying some off-white paint, so I need to see if the paint I selected meets both our tastes. I’ve no idea what it’ll look like when I paint it on with the red, so we’ll have to test it and see how we both feel.

But actual progress in this area is good, because it’s been kinda static for a while.

We also now have a network that extends the length of the garden, more or less. I think it’ll probably just make it into the garage. My phone has network to the garage door, but seems to lose it somewhere in the garage. But I reckon that if I held it up higher it’d work. Which means that it’s probably worth trying to fix the PC in the garage.

So that’s the small stuff.

Oh, and I’ve been adding to my story. Another 2 chapters down, which is pretty cool for me. Still no idea if it’s even readable to anyone but me. But hey.

I’ve also been looking at starting to sort the garage – which means buying a new tool container (probably a rollcab). Which is why I’m currently trying to exercise some restraint because whilst the ones I really want I simply can’t afford (they’re in the 300-400 quid category), I’ve found a ‘direct from the manufacturer’ company that does an adequate looking one that I really quite fancy. It’s still £90 quid though.

On the other hand, being able to find tools in the garage would be awesome.

But the big news is that we have finally bought sperm. We had a meeting with the clinic and it seems we’ve finally managed to jump through all the relevant hoops. We are both now considered ready to try and have kids, and thus we picked our donor, after many happy hours on the internet of going ‘uh, no, not him’ we settled on the one we liked. And this morning we transferred an insane amount of money for 1.5 mls of sperm. So, uh, that’s quite exciting.

And terrifying.

Mainly terrifying.

I keep having the “OHMYGODBUTI’MBARELYABLETOADULTNOW” moments, but I’m pretty sure the terror’s a good sign. Of some sort.


So there’s that.

Uh, which is why I need to finish decorating the house. Because I always remember a friend at work who bought shelves when their kid was born, and finally erected them when the kid was 17.


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