(Lack of) Motivation

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So, I’ve been trying to get motivated to restart work on the house. It doesn’t help that it’s that time of year when there are fun things to do, like making cider, or making membrillo (QUINCE!)

So, theoretically, this is membrillo... And I've some awesome bread from @hartsbakery and great cheese to try it with

Also, it doesn’t help that I’ve a really strong desire to get the garden into some-kind-of-shape before the winter, so that next spring we can actually do something with it, rather than watching the weeds grow and staring sadly at it. One of the things that really kind of requires our attention is the absence of any kind of path down the garden. We ripped out the concrete one when we arrived, with the intention of replacing it with a more windy gravel path.

Only we’ve not managed to do that. And with both of us tramping up and down the garden most days, we are rapidly reaching slippery mud status, instead of grass path. So really, we need to get some gravel in there. The only teensy tiny problem with that is there’s a chunk of pitched roof that’s leaking and needs replacing, and there’s not really the money for hundreds of pounds of gravel. Although having just had the genius idea of checking ebay I’ve found a few places supplying cheaper gravel.


So, there’s stuff that needs doing outside, but there’s also stuff that needs doing inside. I’m trying to coax myself back into tackling ‘the list‘. However, I’m also trying to decide if my desire to start work on Kathryn’s office is a ‘I want to do something that feels like I’m achieving something as opposed to lots of fiddly little jobs that need doing but aren’t going to have such a huge impact’*. Whether it’s my almost ridiculous lack of patience that’s impacting this. But honestly, it’d be nice to tackle Kathryn’s office. It’s a space that needs doing, it’s also a relatively small space that I could actually finish, and it’d mean we could finally have the heating on in there, which I should think Kathryn would enjoy.

Meh. I dunno why I’m sharing this, really. Since it’s mainly just rambling.

But hey, sometimes rambling is what you need…

Maybe I just need to overcome inertia and get going again.

* Which is dumb, because honestly, nicely painted trim in the hall – which includes a bloody great wall of what is currently hardboard – would make an enormous difference.


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