Jobs (aka ‘the list’)

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Seeing as Sarah has posted her jobs list, and I was looking at it and thinking, that might be useful for me to do; here’s the jobs, by room:

Bedroom 1: – DONE!

Bedroom 2 (AKA Library / AKA my office):
Empty out boxes
Finish mosaic / faux encaustic tiles on walls by radiator
Repaint area where roof leaked
Panel missing section on front of bookcase Didn’t bother
Make bedframe look a bit nicer (somehow) Covered it with fabric!

Bedroom 3 – DONE!
Fill/cover artex
Repair loose plaster
Do ‘something’ with the ventilation grille (Ignore it)
Screw sockets to the wall (buy screws as they seem to have gone missing)
Fill/prep walls
Prep & paint walls
Prep & paint trim
Attach ceiling rose to ceiling
Put up Kathryn’s ‘box’ shelves
Put up blind

Prep/paint door and door surround

Stairs/Hall – DONE!
Sand/fill/Sand/seal hardboard covering under stairs
Attach trim to doorframe.
Prep/paint trim
Plane door so that it fits properly
Fix ‘phone to wall
Mount hanging rail under stairs >-Unlikely to bother
Try and come up with more storage in the cupboard under the stairsCaulk under new shelves
Box in electricity meter and fuse box -> Paint boxing
Put coat hook tree on the wall and work out what we’re doing with it (paint/varnish/something)
Fill / Paint door under stairs

Lounge– DONE!

Touch up walls
Fix bench together Nah.
Prep/paint trim
Correct sink position (slightly too low one end) and finish mortar off at top level of pillar
Paint sink pillars (white)
Make tile wall panels to go between sink and cabinets and fix Nah.
Clean window frame (plaster on frame)
Replace three broken tiles on kitchen floor (after *)
Come up with some cunning solution to cover the wire running to the wall sockets.

Lay paths
Finish building pond >- Going to be a plant bed now
Build deck – surface completed as of October ’13
Lots and lots of planting / weeding
Put door-stop strip on gate post to stop it swinging so wildly Didn’t bother

Laundry / Store
Tile floor -> Clean off excess grout
Paint wall
Stop door from leaking

Build shelves for recycling boxes so they’re not just in a heap on the floor…or hide boxes in garage for showing
Added 10/9/13 – Install lampshade
Paint walls
Paint trim…or just clean it

Security Lighting
Some more shelving
And more shelving
Wire car-charger to only charge on cheap rate

Reupholster chaise…gave it away
* Get under the floor and fix the tiny bit of movement between the hall and kitchen floors which has caused the tiles to break -> Needs fixing from the top.
Insulate under the house
Replace broken chimney pot
Properly cap chimneys that are not in use
Repair render / paint back wall

Oh lord… There I was thinking I was nearly done. DONE!


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