Apparently, today I am a hunter gatherer of sorts

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I’ve been hunting for bathroom stuff today. This is because I realised that I forgot to run the strip of glue between the two bits of MDF that make up the bath’s side panel. I’d realised this after I’d primed and whilst I was filling, but thought, hell, I’m sure it’ll be okay. It’s not okay. So today I scraped out some of the filler and attempted to get some glue into the joint. I’m hoping it’ll do, otherwise the other option is to find some method of getting the glue further into the gap. I have ideas about that, but not convenient/easy ideas.

Anyhow, so, having done that and put a fresh tube on my bike*, I headed out. As you may’ve gathered, I went to the record store. But first I battled the terror of SALE DAY IKEA. Not, obviously, the first day of sales, but given it’s a wednesday at lunch time I’d rather imagined I’d be able to park fairly easily. No. The carpark was almost full, and I got to do a lot of meandering up and down aisles before I could deposit Chester and head in.

Having found the shower curtains** I started working my way through them trying to find the specific plain white curtain I wanted. They didn’t have it. Pink, yes. Blue, yes. Teal, yes. Black, yes. Patterned with child-friendly-animals, yes. Plain White? No. Having studied the many and various options I went with swirly-white-rings on a clear backing. I haven’t unpacked it yet, because I’m not sure what Kathryn will make of them. I’m not 100% certain I like them, but I’d quite like to use the shower so that I could get up 10 minutes later… :)

That battle done I returned home. This is because Gardiner Haskins were yet to receive the flooring for the bathroom which was due in today. Having been reminded that we needed some extra odds and sods for dinner tonight, I managed to make it round Sainsburys without getting too many non-list items, and then rang Gardiner Haskins on spec. And y’know what, there was the elusive flooring.

Another trundle down the river and I’d gathered the final components needed to finish the bathroom***. Shower curtain hooks, black and white sealant… and as you might guess I’d want at this point, whilst not for the bathroom, a puncture repair kit.

So now the bathroom can actually be finished****. As in completed. As in a room which needs nothing else doing. We have white paint for the little bit of wood trim. We have metal primer for the two short sections of copper pipe… we have black and white sealant to seal the window frame and the top edge of the tiles. And we have flooring and adhesive for flooring, and hardboard to put flooring on. It’s quite exciting.

* Yes, my lovely gift on the first day back at work after our ‘Christmas’ was a flat tyre as some cheery soul had spread broken glass across the pavement. Le sigh.
** I’d gone to Ikea because on their site they list PEVA plain white shower curtains at a stellar £4 each. Gardiner Haskins are still selling PVC, and John Lewis indicate that they sell plenty of PEVA curtains, but they’re all patterned.
*** Apart from the replacement light, which we need to decide upon.
**** God damn it, I just remembered, I need a compression fitting 32mm 90 degree waste pipe connector, too. And ideally a new flush mechanism.


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