Retirement should be fine.

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So, despite cramming in many hours of working on the house, I’ve spent the past few days catching up on some reading. You may recall that I spent some time at Mr. B’s Emporium, having what they term a ‘book spa’. It was a delightful*, and the charming chap who spent time talking to me about my tastes, and even coped with my complete mental block on names of authors I like (not uncommon) turned up with a massive stack of books. I’ve read my way through some of them, others lurking on a list of ‘buy when you see them’ have popped up in second hand shops and thus been added to the pile.

He / It have added some new awesome authors to my ‘to buy when seen’ list, too**. Indeed, with some effort on my part I’ve managed to squash the urge which says “I MUST WORK MORE”, and have actually sat last night and this morning with Zoo City (finished it in the very long bath I took), and have relaxed a teensy tiny bit.

It’s weird trying to crush the ‘BUT I SHOULD BE DOING SOMETHING’ urge which hides behind me, leaping out. Yes, we need to get the house ready to flog for when we go to Canada. Yes, I need to prep for the exam***. But none of it needs to be done right this instant. Although I’m quite keen to get the bathroom fully in service for Christmas.

Anyway, I have delighted this morning in not doing anything that could be construed as work (watched ‘The West Wing’ over breakfast, read Zoo City, had bath (and read more Zoo City), made lunch and ate it watching MASH), and now I’m going to go the garage (in the rain, no less), and do some present making. Just like Santa.


* The only very minor discomfiture about the whole experience was that it was a bit chilly. It’s always a bit chilly in there, and I forgot to take warm socks.
** Dorothy B Hughes and Lauren Beukes for example.
*** The book arrived today full of Canadian Exam Prep questions.


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