36 hour long days are not good

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So, the single night shift is a rarity for me. Indeed, that I should never have single nights was my only request to the shift-roster-person at work. However, she apologised to me a couple of weeks back for these two weeks in which I’m on-and-off nights more frequently than a…. uh, can’t think of anything witty to say there… but imagine I did.

So, I had a single night which ended yesterday morning. My usual approach after nights is to stay up for the day afterwards, which meant I went to bed having been up for just over 36 hours. Weirdly, after about 28 hours I just felt normal-tired-I’d-like-to-sleep-now, as opposed to the screaming *LET ME SLEEP, PLEASE* which I usually feel. I also, being a good person, went and left the list of patients for audit with the medical records people in the morning before I came home to hide. Indeed, since they’d said that I could have notes same-day originally, I suggested I’d stay, they said it doesn’t really work that way except for urgent notes…

Hence me heading back today to start the audit. They’d located around 12 of them, the rest were in the ‘deceased store’, which meant that they should’ve been up later in the day. It didn’t quite work like that. First up, there seems to be no defined place in the notes for ED notes to live. In many of them I actually had to just trawl through the notes one page at a time, finding ED notes filed under ‘letters & discharge summaries’, in the ‘nursing’ section and in with the main clinical notes. Several of the notes lack copies of the ED notes. Loads of them don’t have copies of the ambulance sheets. I’m not sure why, but I now need to go to the ED notes store and pull them – at least for the ones missing the ED notes. I would have done this today, but the key was with a person who was actually in the ED notes store… with the door locked… and who didn’t answer the door when we knocked. To round off my day, the person who was meant to go and collect notes from the ‘Deceased Store’ didn’t, so I couldn’t do those either. That means I’ve got back with a total of 8 complete audited patients.

On the plus side, I got my feedback from uni, and it’s actually positive. Also, my motorbike is still fun to ride, although I’m still apparently not over my rain-phobia. Both my offs have happened in the rain, and riding the as-yet-unnamed GT550 on the wet roads filled me with an anxiety which I had to consciously pull into myself, and away from my hands. Otherwise I went very tense on the handlebars, which is not a good plan. One should ride smoothly, like nutella, not stiffly like someone dancing 80’s robot style. Conscious effort produced some nice riding, even in the rain, although my journey home was tedious. I managed to hit the rush hour coming home, which was unnecessary and slow.

Still, apart from continuing to be a bit lumpy at idle and tending to stall out (which we know is because of the crud in the carb), she’s performing nicely and is generally a pleasure to ride.

Also, I came home to find that my ‘moskva’ wrist watch had arrived. This 1950s item adds to my plan of being able to look like I’ve dropped out of an alternate version of the ’50s… Unfortunately, while it said ‘fully working’ on the ad, it didn’t say ‘accurate’. It would appear that it needs a service, given that in an hour it’s lost approximately 18 minutes.

I still love the look of it though, and I’m hoping it’ll be easily repaired.

Moskva Wristwatch

Also in ‘things I shouldn’t have bought but did anyway’, I’m also the owner of a slightly basic valve amplifier. It’s mono, and has a combined FM/AM tuner. However, apparently they’re nice amps, so I’ll knock up a little stereo-to-mono adaptor for it – and I’ll finally have music in the office not through my headphones. Which would be awesome.
I’d actually given up hope having not won any of the auctions, and was about to suck it up and try and win a crappy amp of somesort which would ‘do’. I’d actually not realised that this was a mono amp (the M, apparently, in the model number denotes the discount mono version). But got a second-chance auction. Having contemplated it for most of the 24 hours that offer was valid I decided ‘sod it’, and having spent the day staring at notes decided I deserve a present.

It’s my last present tho’.

No more toys.

Wandering back to my dissertation, apparently it is much improved, needs some more tweaks, but generally it’s looking positive.


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