Trying, and failing.

So. It’s been a stressful few days here for a variety of reasons. One of which is trying to write my dissertation which I’m not finding particularly easy, or happy making. At any rate, I got back a message last night saying I’d passed my module that I had to resubmit.

Woo! I thought.

Today I looked at the feedback. Now I’m deeply angry and stressed. It passed, but only just – I think – and they had the fucking gall to say “you’ve not really address the feedback”. WHAT FUCKING FEEDBACK. *Breathe*.

This is the same department that sent me *TWO* ticks to indicate where I’d got something like 15 marks. TWO TICKS and NO COMMENTS WITH THEM. I have no fucking idea what I do well. I only know what they don’t like. It’s like learning to write in english by scrawling a series of squiggles on paper and then them telling you which ones you were cyrillic. I don’t know which ones were latin script, but I know which bits I definately don’t want. What the fuck use is that. When I asked for more feedback, I got the fucking mark scheme sent to me. I CAN READ YOU USELESS FUCKHEADS. *breathe*. I don’t know *WHERE* I’m getting marks because you won’t fucking TELL ME.

I then went shopping. This was a mistake.

I have been looking for some nice bookshelf speakers. And granted, I only paid £4.50 for the nice bookshelf speakers I’m now the owner of, but I had to then make it up over a fiver…which meant that I bought a couple of CDs (London Calling (The Clash) and Frank (Amy Winehouse)). Which all would have been fine if I’d’ve not then spotted the heavily discounted ‘World of Poo‘ (£6.50 for a hardback book!). I went from not knowing it existed to owning it in the space of about 10 minutes (well, slightly longer, I had to meander round Sainsbury’s ‘cos I wanted stuff they don’t sell in our local Co-Op).

Whilst they are nice (looking) speakers (haven’t got an amp to check them with) which is important ‘cos they’re going on my nice desk in the nice library, I feel a little bad. Problem is, I want an anglepoise lamp for my desk. If I can’t find one I’ll give in and get another ikea one, but the quality of it’s not great.

On the plus side, as I try and chill out before I (a) try and look at the obnoxious and useless feedback from Cardiff Uni (I’ve glanced, it didn’t look helpful, however it does helpfully tell me it’s not good enough for my dissertation) and (b) go back to writing my dissertation which I’ve not got very far with… err, not sure what that plus side was. Oh ah. I had a really nice coffee with my friends Nikki and Kate, and was reminded yesterday what an awesome friend Emma is. I have good people around me, and can take on the fucking world if I need to.

I also have Röyksopp to listen to. And The Clash, and more Amy Winehouse. Ah.


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