Be more careful, Kate.

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So, I knew my liver function test results were fine, but was under the impression my cholesterol levels were not-great. Err, high, would be the word. Obviously, there’s good and bad cholesterol. I couldn’t remember the numbers, the overall value was on the high side, and so paranoia kicked in. I’ve been mentally beating my body with sticks. High blood pressure, high cholesterol and an iffy liver, that was basically where I was at. Oh, and lousy allergies.

But it’s been bugging me, so I rang the GP and got the actual figures. Yes, the ‘bad’ cholesterol is the highest acceptable ‘normal’ value. This is less than ideal. But the ‘good’ cholesterol and overall levels are also just within the acceptable limits. Probably a bit high for my age, but given the shed-loads of cheese I eat, understandable.

So I can chill a bit, and only berate my body for its poor quality liver and high blood pressure (which I’m keeping an eye on, but am not going to ‘do’ anything about unless it gets significantly high until after my dissertation. Because I suspect that’s what’s making it high). Actually, given my blood test results actually show my liver’s actually *working properly*, I’m going to go easy on my body for a bit :)

Well, apart from the 24 odd miles a week of cycling.

Easy apart from that.


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