Lack of motivation

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I’ve been very unmotivated to do my uni work, or indeed the house, of late. I keep planning it all, then the moment arrives, passes and I’m sat doing something else. I mention this purely because I think that they’re linked.

See, I’ve been jogging. Jogging, properly, for 3 weeks now. And I’ve cheerfully done 2-3km every couple of days. Not a lot, but enough. I’ve cleaned the bathroom, and the lounge, and the kitchen… I’ve got the stuff in from the garage to sand-and-paint. I’ve washed the work clothes (hell, I’ve done 7 loads of laundry in 2 days*).

The problem is I’m prevaricating (like I am at this moment). I think when I was thinking about my course before I started I imagined I was going to be better at managing my time than say, 22 year old me. Or than 18 year old me. It turns out I’m not. I’m just the same as I was. I put it off, wait, do other things (like this), and then finally get around to it as we near the end of the available time.

Which is broadly okay, so long as I get it done, except that… well… I’m not really managing on this bit of the course (not least ‘cos I’m a bit bored of it) and also, because the catalogue of jobs which I should be doing is getting bigger, and I’m not doing them because ‘I should be doing my coursework’. But I’m not doing my coursework because I’ll do anything else. And that’s beginning to annoy me about me. So now I’m going to sod off and do some coursework. Feh.

* Yes, it did get out of hand, but that does include several loads of work clothes and dust sheets.


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