26 hours and counting

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Yes, it’s time for the traditional trying to stay awake coming off nights ramble. I’ve now been awake for 26 hours (approx) and am really, really tired. Having finished a fairly busy shift (the beginning was really busy), been told I’m racist (against one specific white person) and sat in a very long queue to get home, I painted the top foot of the brick (deplastered) wall, the idea being that when we got back from “errands” I’d put another coat on. That….didn’t happen.

Then we breakfasted, collected our 110V power supply (carrying it rather further than we needed to, having parked somewhere quite close while I got cash out…). Those yellow 110V building site supplies? They’re actually fucking heavy. Just so as you know.

Well, okay, not fucking heavy. They’re quite heavy and difficult to carry, at least, when you’re not willing to essentially hug it because you’re wearing clean and wholly inappropriate clothing. Then we went…err.. oh yes, in search of crates. If anyone has good suggestions for obtaining 8 or 9 wine crates in Bristol for little money we’d be grateful – although we have one lead. Today’s attempt to get them was unsuccessful, it seems that the place we looked is only open on Saturdays. Then we headed to Gloucester Road for our weekly shop… and a visit to Coffee Number One. Yay!

Empty coffee cup

Yet more of a jaunt over to the (pricey) reclamation place, who wanted £140 for the slab of ex-snooker-table slate we were thinking of making into a table. I say ‘were thinking’ because not only is the cost somewhat prohibative, but they’ve also sold, I think, the thinner ones we saw last time we were there which would probably have been okay. The actual pool table ones that are there at the moment, I don’t think we could lift – and given that we’ve no longer got the circular saw (thanks thieves, hope you get caught), would need to pay someone to cut it (probably we’d need to anyway, to get a decent line) which would put the price up even more. Which is a shame. But given it’s weight it’d probably drop through the floor anyhow.

So we’re contemplating other table-top options. We have legs, just no top.

Then we went to the woodyard and ordered the wood that will make up my desk. Woo!

I am, now, waiting for the drill to arrive. Or indeed for confirmation of shipping. I’m also waiting for the jigsaw to arrive (or indeed confirmation of shipping).

Finally we made it home, and footled one of the kitchen units roughly into position. It looks *lovely*. But it does require some planing at the back, and a little modification to allow it to clear the skirting… Tomorrow is to be a busy day. But now I’m going to take my sleep deprived self to the kitchen for food, and then I’m going to watch a film and go to bed.


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