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Things I miss or am looking forward to, greatly.

Having a washing machine on a floor which is (a) more or less level and (b) strong enough to support it without bouncing. Having to cling to the damn thing every time it does a spin cycle is very tiring.

A kitchen. A real kitchen, with a stove, and suchlike. I really, painfully miss having a stove. And surfaces to put things on. Yesterday I destroyed a plate because it’s been living on the floor and I reached for something – which unleashed an avalanche which ended with the salt flying from the tiny bit of counter and hitting the plate, sat on the floor. It was my black university plate, which I quite liked, more for its historical significance than anything else. But hey. It’s gone now.

Our stuff. I like having books around. And music. And shelves. And cupboards. And being able to tidy things away rather than into piles.

Our sofa. I miss our sofa. I have little hope of getting the sofa back from Manning Logistics, so far as I can tell. I’m periodically trying to find out if they’ve appointed an administrator. But they don’t seem to have, so far. Which makes it challenging to find out how to get our sofa back. I’m presuming breaking-and-entering-and-taking-our-property is frowned upon.


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