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Today Kathryn showed me a shortcut, or possibly a slightly-long-cut to the post office:

Which is good, because being out there and seeing beauty is definitely nice, as our house is being ripped apart prior to reassembly. Bits of it; corners, if you will; are holding their own against the onslaught. The back room which is to become a kitchen and is currently our lounge is, apart from the carpet by the internal door getting a bit grey and the groundhog like pipes peeking from the sides of the room, holding it’s own. It’s sprouted a large quantity of kitchen stuff, and the toaster’s sat in the fireplace, but otherwise it’s pretty sane. That stops, I suspect, on Friday.

The front room – currently our bedroom is faring even better at the moment. It’s positively neat, and the pipes are connected to an actual, real, radiator. The central heating’s not in yet (which is a shame, because it’s cold today), but there’s little to suggest the horror that awaits you elsewhere in the house.

The entrance hall has, however, succumbed:

The carpet’s gone, there’s a fine layer of dust on everything and a dirty great channel in the wall where the new wiring’ll be.

And whilst one end of the kitchen has just sprouted plumbing even more temporary than my normal temporary plumbing…

At the other end, the cupboard has been replaced by bricks:

I was slightly surprised to find that the wall was unplastered behind the cupboard, which means that cupboard that I pulled out today? That was 70 years old. It was also a bloody nightmare to pull out! It had to go because the lightswitches for the kitchen go there, which should be sorted soon. I thought I had a shot of it pre pulling out (which is why I didn’t bother to take a new one) – but the only one I’ve got is this.

It’s quite cool, though, the exposed brick. Ironically we wanted a wall of exposed brick, but the intention was to make it the end wall, not the side wall… Not sure what we’ll be doing about that yet – have to see what Kathryn thinks :)
And for those who’ve lost track, this is the intention for the kitchen:

Kitchen ideas

Anyhow, so, I’m going to be pleased to visit a friend and escape the dust and grime. It’s funny, it’s been going on just a few days, but it’s terribly intense. I’m not used to having others creating / cleaning up the mess, and it’s just a bit odd.


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