Death of the vid-cast

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So, I was kind of intending to do a video podcast about our renovations to the house, but I’m sort of inclined to scrap that idea on the basis that, well, we’re not doing nearly as much as we were going to; and also without a camera person, it’s somewhat hard to do the show.

Am now kind of contemplating a podcast about it, probably something that would be a bit erratic. There’re a couple of problems with this. I never did do the multi-wordpress install gidget, and thus I’m maxed out on databases. Dead Bug Jumping, while on hiatus, takes up one, this site another, and Kathryn’s site another. I get three with my cheap-cheap webhosting, so meh. We’ll see.

The other problem is that we haven’t got mics, etc, here at the moment. So that makes recording the show somewhat difficult. And time wise there’s the usual sorts of challenges; made harder by the fact that my beloved and I don’t see each other enough anyhow.

Anyhow, today’s a long day with meeting many, many builders (well, four) and it’s interesting as to how different the experiences can be. One of them came around and was, well, unfriendly’s not the word, but just I didn’t get great vibes from him. He then just didn’t seem to listen terribly carefully, didn’t really look at the plans, and finally informed me that he’d need to send his digger driver around to see it to give an estimate.

Really, I thought, given that the information you had *before* turning up was to quote for excavating, building retaining walls, and laying a slab / building foundations one would think that you’d need…the digger driver… to quote. So why not bring him? Meh.

The second one gave me more of a positive vibe, he actually looked a the plans, stood and compared the plans to the ground, measured things, went and looked at the access and was fairly realistic about getting a lorry in (the first one just said ‘Oh, we can easily get in there’ – when I commented about the difficulty of getting a 3.5 ton lorry in he kind of dismissed it…).

Anyway, two more coming today. Then one on Saturday. Hopefully we can get the groundworks started soon and we’ll be on our way to having a garage. We’ve an architectural technician coming next week so we can, at least, get our plan approved by building regulations people – thus allowing us to be much more specific with builders and perhaps, after we’ve got some work done we might have an idea whether we like the builders we’ve got…


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